30 days of something new…

I like originality. And I like freshness. And I like coming across new things.

So… I’ve decided, similar to my 31 days project, that I would use this month to discover new things. Each day, for the thirty days of April, I will somehow incorporate something new into my life in whatever category I’ve assigned for that day. For example, today, considering I just came up with this idea, the category is projects. I have to devise a new project for myself…

Hence, this blog post about that new project. Below, you will find my list of categories matched with their assigned day. You will be able to find each day’s post on this new page of my blog – 30 days of April ’12, where I will detail what I’ve incorporated new into my life, according to each category, perhaps only for the day or maybe longer. Please join along if you would like! But even if you don’t choose to, I’d love to hear any feedback you may have… cheers!

April 1 – projects

April 2 – food

April 3 – exercise

April 4 – drinks

April 5 – books

April 6 – words

April 7 – photos

April 8 – television programming

April 9 – websites

April 10 – filmmaking

April 11 – news

April 12 – friends

April 13 – money

April 14 – car

April 15 – games

April 16 – nature

April 17 – fruit

April 18 – history

April 19 – family

April 20 – Italian language

April 21 – music

April 22 – clothing

April 23 – technology

April 24 – health

April 25 – politics

April 26 – restaurants

April 27 – philosophy

April 28 – quotes

April 29 – the opposite sex

April 30 – anything

Yes, some of these categories will take some creativity on my part to come up with incorporating something new into my life for the day or longer but that’s part of the fun… I hope you join me on this adventure. Check back tomorrow and every day in April!


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