For those who are following the start of my exercise journey, may I say “thank you!” It is all of you I kept thinking about when I wanted so desperately to watch political videos rather than exercise but the thought of having to admit that to my readers (and of course my coach Tina who sure enough checked up on me this morning!) made me cringe, so I put on my new sports bra and workout pants and hit the pavement.

After my initial workout, in which my beautiful and wonderful friend Tina showed me the ropes and helped devise a workout plan for me (see previous blog, “Exercise?”), I was sore. Man, was I sore. But it felt good in the “no pain, no gain” type way. The goal I set for myself is to exercise three times a week, so seeing I started on Tuesday, I decided to workout again on Friday and Sunday, basically because those days fit my schedule. When Friday came around, I was hyped. I bought some running shoes and a sports bra and got to work. It felt good and I was glad to do it, though it wasn’t easy for me. I think the devil created lunges and crunches.

Then… came Sunday. Yeah, wasn’t really feeling the exercise. I just wanted to watch the Sunday political shows, hang out with my nephew and get some writing done rather than workout. I kept postponing it and postponing it until I realized the sun would go down soon and some of my workout is outside so I had to make a choice. And I chose to exercise and stick with my plan. As mentioned, it was really the thought of having to admit that I couldn’t stick with my plan that motivated me. I always viewed myself as a highly determined and disciplined person with a strong will but it’s easy to think that. Doing it is what counts though.

So, I did it. I made my exercise goal. Three times a week, cardio and muscle workout, which for me averaged about 40 minutes or so, even though I know Tina is going to tell me I should push for an hour. But hey, I’m just glad I didn’t keel over.

Stay tuned for my next blog about exercise, a month from now, it which I have to admit if I stuck with my plan or if I failed…


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