The other day, I was watching an episode of “The Big C”, an awesome show on Showtime that stars Laura Linney, one of my favorite actresses. And one of the episodes had to do with someone telling someone else that they were pregnant. It was a surprise, as this man and woman had had sex but were in no way heading toward babyland together. Hell, they weren’t even really dating. And this got me thinking. And even though it’s quite obvious, I discovered…

Anytime you have sex, there is a possibility of creating a child.

Sure, some have disorders or body environments in which creating a child is impossible or nearly so, and I am not including those in this blog, but for the majority, becoming pregnant is a reality if one chooses to have sex. And yes, taking precautions with condoms, birth control pills and such is smart and useful if one is not trying to conceive, but still, you run the risk. And you know what, it’s a risk that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Now, without getting into a discussion about pro-life/pro-choice, as that is for an individual to decide for oneself, one should think about this issue when one engages in an activity that could create a child.



Hold the phone. I’m losing people. Who wants to talk about this? I know, it’s not a reality many want to face but suppose you face it before the fact. You might just learn something about yourself, and save yourself and others a lot of pain.

So, I thought to myself, what would it be like to be pregnant… and after five minutes, I nearly gave myself a heart attack. As I fully realized that having children is not the path I want to take in life, this exercise really made me think about it. Made me think about cause and effect, consequences of actions and such and I think I am the wiser because of it.

This doesn’t mean one should live in solitary confinement, but it does mean one should be aware of this obvious fact that is often overlooked and take it seriously. Very seriously.

Having children is a life-altering choice and parenthood is the ultimate responsibility. You are actually creating LIFE. And since children are dependent upon their parents, it is up to them to provide a foundation for them, one that whether a parent likes it or not, will be part of their child for the rest of their life…

Something to think about it. For yourself, but more so, for those who don’t have a say in the matter – the children.





2 thoughts on “Parenthood?

  1. hah! i have thought about it before… but when I made myself think about ACTUALLY having a child and what that would mean, i nearly had a heart attack. (i love you too!!)


  2. you crack my shit up. no shit you’d have kids, it’s freaky! but i love that this just occurred to you… as opposed to me who has been terrified of having one of those little monkeys since I was 12 in sex-ed. i love you.


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