Boy, have things changed!

I just posted a status on my Facebook page that was about how times have changed since I was a kid (1980s) but then, I quickly deleted it because I thought, that’d be a fun blog to write. So, here goes…

Some things that illustrate how times have changed since I was a kid:

1. In art class, we were taught to make ashtrays for our parents.

2. My mother held me as my father drove us home from the hospital.

3. Educational toys were building blocks and an abacus.

4. We knew our neighbors.

5. If you didn’t see a movie in the theater, you’d have to wait a loooooong time to see it.

6. Our classrooms had one Macintosh computer and printing text banners over multiple sheets of printing paper were all the rage.

7. Neon was everywhere.

8. Teenage stars didn’t look like they were thirty-five.

9. Many of our toys were made with nails, wood, paint, staples and pieces that could easily be swallowed.

10. MTV actually played music videos.

11. Jack Tripper could act like a fairy to pretend he was gay and no one sued.


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