An open letter to those who support me/my films

Anyone who knows me knows I am about to shoot my latest short film in a couple of weeks. And most of those who know me know that besides those who I love, this is single-handedly the most important thing in my life. Some people have kids, I make films. And each time I do, I feel it’s like giving birth in a sense. I create something that I try to raise right but then must let it go out into the world and hope I did the best job I could with it. I realize children are different from making films but I think the analogy works for me. And like creating life, making films is not something one can do alone. I can’t imagine anyone being able to do so. It doesn’t seem humanely possible. In my experience, a whole lot of people are involved…

I have been overwhelmed by those who have chosen to be a part of my latest short film. Some have come to me on their own to be a part of it, some I have offered the opportunity to do so. I believe in asking no favors though. I only ask questions and offer opportunities, leaving it up to others to choose whether they want to be a part of it or not. The response has made me practically speechless. I feel truly fortunate and I only hope I can give back and create a film that everyone will be proud to be a part of and will hopefully make them think, as that is my ultimate goal for every film I make.

So, I’ve been thinking about gratitude. From those who believe in me and my stories by offering finance for their creation to those who are willing to come out early in the morning and get to work to make this story come to life. I hope everyone involved will get something out of it for themselves, whether it be payment or some other type of fulfillment.

I am truly grateful for all those who support my filmmaking and/or are a part of it.

I would be much farther from my goals without them.

As I move toward shooting, I come across obstacles often. Every minute, it seems :) But then, I’ve learned that when one door closes, another one will often open if we look for it.

I’ve chosen one of the most difficult careers a person can choose. In fact, just today, when someone found out I’m a filmmaker,  he asked me if I was able to support myself and if I had food to eat. Not only do I have the most amazing and supportive parents, but when I have this foundation of those who support me in all different ways, I’m standing tall. And I thank you. All of you, who believe in me. I wouldn’t be here without you. I wouldn’t be able to ignore the naysayers, to fight for the dream, to create, to live the life I want. A mere thank you doesn’t feel like enough so please know, I will forever be in your debt. And I will forever hold you in my heart. And my film will forever be what it is because of each of you.

Thank you.


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