Best of 2010

Some things stand out. And some of those are unfortunately not included here due to a failure in memory.

Best of 2010…according to Christina Parisi (in no order of importance)

1. some amazing films – Blue Valentine, The Fighter, Inception and Babies

2. Apple’s iPhone 4

3. some great new albums – LCD Soundsystem “This is Happening”, Eminem “Recovery”, & The Clientele “Minotaur”

4. some balance in political power

5. the end of “don’t ask don’t tell”

6. Jonathan Franzen’s long-awaited fictional work “Freedom” – a genius observer of humanity

7. LCD Soundsystem and Hot Chip concert at The Hollywood Bowl – electric!

8. showing my short film “Rhythm of Causality” on the big screen at the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival. Not only was I born in Buffalo and have a ton of family there, but the screening was in the very theater where my father had once been employed as an usher.

9. meeting a 96-year-old woman at the bank who was sharper than some thirty-year-old’s I know.

10. seeing one of my favorite bands “The Clientele” at Spaceland and being maybe ten feet from them.

Now on to 2011…


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