Finding your calmness

What I find to be an interesting story…

The other day, I was walking with a close friend of mine to our cars after a party. She was parked on the street outside the parking lot that I had parked in, but since she didn’t know the area too well, she planned on waiting for me to exit the lot and then follow me to the freeway entrance. So, I walked to my car, got in and proceeded to go down this little hill incline from the lot to an alley that would deposit me right behind her if I turned onto the street she was parked on… except, whoops! What I thought was an incline turned out to be more like a curb and when I causally started to move my car down it, EKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!! My car got stuck!

Okay, I think. I’ve definitely been in some interesting car situations before (ask anyone who’s driven with me) so I get out the car to survey the damage. My friend also gets out of her car, seeing what’s just occurred and tells me, “Uh, Christina, your back tires are in the air.” Turns out my car was not going anywhere. The little incline, which was more like a curb, made my car stuck and while the bottom of my car held it in place, the wheels in the back were raised above the ground. As my friend and I tried to lift the back of the car to push it down, we didn’t get anywhere because no one was in the driver’s seat to move it. But then, lo and behold, a very nice guy who just happened to be walking by asked if we needed help. Such a sweetheart! He and my friend, who mind you is a cute little thing that probably weighs little more than a buck five, lifted my car as I accelerated and whoosh…. my car scrapes down the hill. Of course, the bottom scratches like a DJ scratching a record but it gets down and I get out to thank the nice guy, as I notice my dear friend got water sprayed all over here. Oh yeah, forgot to mention it had been raining. Anyway, the guy smiles and takes off as I ask my friend if she thinks my car’s okay. She says probably not and then mentions that she can’t believe how calm I am about the whole thing.

And that’s when it hit me. I was really calm. I figured, hell, shit happens and what I thought was a smooth hill turned out not to be but what? Should I yell and cry about it? What’s that gonna do? Nothing, but make the situation worse. Turns out I was lucky though and I didn’t hit anything under my car that mattered.

But the thing that really stayed with me was this…

I found my calmness. And I’m not letting it go.


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