Everyday is a day of thanks…

As Thanksgiving Day 2010 approaches in a few hours, I’ve started thinking about what it means to be thankful. Truly THANKFUL. And I’ve deduced while it’s very easy to say one is thankful for something or raise their glass in cheers to thanks over a turkey dinner, it’s quite difficult to actually value the things one is thankful for and live accordingly.

Allow me to ask a few questions:
Are you thankful for your parents? And if so, do you let them know and show them your gratitude?
Are you thankful for your children? And if so, are you in their lives as a responsible parent and let them know how thankful you are for them in the way you treat them?
Are you thankful for the freedom you enjoy in America? And if so, are you thankful to the many people who’ve shed their own blood so that you can enjoy it?
Are you thankful for your health? And if so, do you appreciate it by treating your body well?
Are you thankful for the love you receive from others? And if so, do you return it and let them know your appreciation?

I ask these questions as examples of what it truly means to be thankful and how a day out of the year may remind us of what we are thankful for, the thanks do not begin nor stop there.

My parents never celebrate Valentine’s Day because to them, every day is Valentine’s Day. Flowers may be nice to get on one’s birthday but they don’t account for days of mistreatment. While Thanksgiving may provide us Americans a special day in which we all give thanks, should it really be any different than any other day?

Perhaps on Thanksgiving this year, instead of giving thanks on just this small window of time, you use it to remind yourself that everyday is Thanksgiving.

We as Americans are fortunate to live in a society in which we are granted our own “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” While we may disagree on politics, and some have a tougher time than others in their pursuit of happiness, this freedom can not be denied.

For that, I am thankful. Each and every day. Well, for that and… my family, friends and health.


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