Yin and Yang

Recently, I heard some good news about someone I know. And then, today, I heard some sad news about someone I know.

And this lead me to think about the good and the bad in life…

It seems there’s a mix of both involved in everyone’s life. Sure, some may say they have more bad than good, more darkness than light, while others may surmise they’ve had luck guiding them along the way, but the bottom line is there is good and bad in this world and while our choices and actions largely guide that in our own lives, there are some things that are just beyond our control, like natural disasters. (But then it becomes a matter of what one chooses to do about it…)

It’s easy to relish in the good and perhaps even easier to let the bad weigh us down but it’s not easy to find a balance, an inner harmony between the two. I used to have this old doormat outside my studio apartment that was the Chinese symbol for equilibrium and I loved how it reminded me of the importance of finding a balance in my life.

And so, in honor of balancing good and bad in one’s life, I’ve decided to write a playful blog about how it’s easy to find both the good and the bad in almost any situation. Perhaps this can help remind those who need to be reminded that while a bad may feel the worst or a good may feel the best, it’s important to maintain a balance so one never loses perspective but also appreciates that with each new day, comes a new opportunity for a good and even for a bad but with proper balance, perhaps the ground beneath one’s feet will be more sturdy…

It’s good my parent’s fig tree grows the most fantastic figs but it’s bad that the squirrels often get to them first.

It’s good that the sprinklers in the front yard keep the grass looking nice but it’s bad they leave water spots all over the left side of my car.

It’s good my nephew loves the water and takes an active interest in the pond and waterfalls around but it’s bad he doesn’t understand why he can’t just jump in.

It’s good that cars help us get around but it’s bad they often kill us.

It’s good that we have congresspeople to represent us but it’s bad they often care more about representing themselves.

It’s good that there are cures to many diseases but it’s bad that there aren’t cures for all of them.

It’s good my grandfather was able to live his honest and full life until he was eighty-seven years old but it’s bad he passed away and left his family without him.

It’s good I was able to make my short film as I had intended but it’s bad it had such a limited chance to be shown to the public.

It’s good The Office is a funny show to many, many people but it’s bad they don’t know when to call it quits.

It’s good to eat the sweets one loves, like raspberry chocolate pieces for example, but it’s bad they aren’t very healthy.

It’s good to have friends you care about but it’s bad when one of them reveals to be not who you thought they were.

It’s good to be honest in all situations but it’s bad when it’s done without some tact.

**and added from friend, Jim Stein, whose own blog can be found at: http://jamesari.blogspot.com

It’s good to find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with but it’s bad when they don’t feel the same way.


No matter how bad it can seem, there is always some good, and vice versus.

But once you find a balance, which one are you going to focus on?

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