Political thinking.

American politics allow a forum for discussion because thank God, we still have freedom of speech. We will often disagree with each other and that’s okay. Personally, I believe that if we act our beliefs, vote our beliefs, live our beliefs and fight for our beliefs, we’re enacting the best way to change the system and encourage others to see as we do. To me, example is the best mode of teaching.

But being someone who doesn’t fit nicely into a “party” within our political spectrum, I often find myself at odds with many, many people. Speaking in general terms, when I don’t agree with Conservatives, they think I’m wrong and believe I just don’t understand and when I disagree with Liberals, I find they tend to feel this overwhelming need to defend their positions and prove themselves right. It’s quite comical at times, on both ends.

I want to, however, partake in the political landscape of America. I believe and fight for what I find to be intelligent, true and in the spirit of individual freedom and prosperity, free from any force, whether it be government or my neighbor. And I don’t care what you call me, as I don’t feel the need to label myself. I find that often people lose sight of what is right or wrong because they’re trying to follow the lines of a particular party, so I stay away from those labels…But that’s my choice. I do, however, often find that I have to deal with others throwing random political statistics at me, quoting “journalists” and offering their opinions in what seems to be an effort to discredit my beliefs or prove their “rightness” over what I find to be true. And while I accept this as a part of choosing to take part in political thought in a public manner, I’ve asked myself – how does one demonstrate that difference of opinions are natural and what matters aren’t statistics of “parties” in power but rather basic, fundamental principals of what America should or shouldn’t be? This led me to question if Americans think in terms of political parties or their own belief systems? Political parties are not perfect, no matter whether they are left, right or center so why does it seem so many speak in those terms? Why don’t we debate what is right or wrong rather than what “Republicans” or “Democrats” do or don’t do?

Thomas Paine came to America in the later 1700s from England, where autocratic power ruled. He wrote COMMON SENSE, which was published in 1776. I find this writing to be quite thought provoking and informative. He wrote that he, as author, did not matter but rather “the Object for Attention is the Doctrine itself, not the Man.” Ah… This book is quality reading for anyone interested in American politics and I recommend it wholeheartedly.

And I would like to offer these questions: What do you want for America? What do you believe in? What does government have the right to force others to do? What does it mean to be free? If there were no earners, how would government hand-outs be paid for? If there is no incentive for productivity, will the producer continue to produce in America? And if they don’t, what will happen then? What do you expect from your government? And what do you believe “”Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” means? Is America a place to be granted things without earning them? And if so, who exactly gives them and from what money?

Some political food for thought… Not to be agreed or disagreed with, but rather as a means of invoking one to think about these things…


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