Pure Joy

I had been sitting on the couch for bit when I decided to go do some work in my office. Before I left, I noticed the couch pillow was messed up so I picked it up to straighten it out. As I did so, I saw a toy stuck in between the blanket and the couch and instantly, a great big smile spread across my face. This toy belongs to my nine-month-old nephew and my brain instantly flooded with thoughts of him, all of which put a great big smile on my face.

Pure Joy inside…

And that’s when it hit me. The tremendous joy this tiny little boy has brought into my world. And not only for me, but for his parents and all my family. Being one who never thought children would be in her future, I must admit that when my nephew was born nine months ago, I was surprised to find myself quite smitten with him. And that’s another great thing about life, the surprises we learn about ourselves when we are put to the actual test.

My nephew made me stop and realign my mission to fit him into it. His energy and love began to teach me the value of things like hugs, kisses and singing “Itzy Bitzy Spider” because it cracks him up. And the newness in which he views just about everything has helped ground me, reminding me that it’s not about the quantity, others’ expectations or the price tag, but rather it’s the quality and realness that matters.

In a world in which we often forget that joy does not come from material things but rather from within ourselves and our connection with others, it’s nice to receive a reminder of this in the form of a beautiful, loving little infant who brightens one’s day by giving hugs that last two minutes or looking up with pride after he figures out how to stand up by himself.

It’s this pureness, this realness, this unadulterated emotion that is so amazing that it’s sometimes hard to catch my breath. I feel it when I screen my films before an audience. I see it when I look at this little boy’s face. I sense it when my I’m near my parents.

It’s pure joy. And it’s there, in different shapes and forms for everyone, no matter how dark the clouds are.

It’s life realized.


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