stream of traveling

packing. flying out. landing. NYC. first time. subway. great guide, what a sister. advertisement square. crowded. old school stuff, radio city music hall and rockefeller center. walking. dinner at diner from Seinfeld. nothing alike on the inside. BLT. talking, catching up. sleep. early morning. old friend, late as usual. RIP John Lennon – dakota building and strawberry fields. central park. coldness. lunch with childhood friend. awesome. catchup on twenty years or so. three hour lunch in a minute. walk. coldness. sad and quick goodbye. subway. drink, waiting. old friends. record club. happy. fun cabbie. too much excess. need air. sister’s work. comfortable. happy. meet her boy. sleep. and more sleep. sis says that’s enough sleep. walking. yummy NY pizza. sister. missed ferry. sad for a moment. bad planning. wall street. shopping. walking. snacks. separate. old friend part two. hang session. like old times. photo session. tall buildings. subway. takeout, movie, roommate, packing. sleep for a tiny bit. two minute shower, no makeup, out the door around 7am. bus upstate. small towns, trees, two lane roads. buffalo. once was home. rental car. grandparents. food. and more food. and…more food. hang out. sleep. up and at them early-ish. festival prep. parents arrive. family. food. theater. drink before. journal. festival screening. family, family, family. happy. after hours. bar, drinks, family, good time. perhaps too much good time. sleep. wake up. realize yes, way too much good time. recover. nap. get together thrown by amazing aunt. all family in one room. awesome. more food. cute boy with piercing eyes stops by. happy. goodbyes. late night. sleep. hot breakfast. love my aunt. always have. drop off. goodbyes. airport. standby. earlier flight becomes not much earlier. delay from broken fan. cool couple. chat. interesting. flight two. pictures of visit looked at. meal. drink at bar. boarding. reading. sleeping. pickup.

home sweet home.


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