Finding friendship

I’d like to share a story…

About four months ago, I walked into a store and noticed an elder woman looking out the window by the door. I tend to notice senior citizens as I not only have a big soft spot for them but also find them deeply interesting. Anyway, I went about my business and a short while later, I noticed the elder woman asked one of the associates if she could use the phone, since her ride hadn’t picked her up. The associate was hesitant for some reason or another and slipped away “to ask” someone. I finished my transaction and went up to the elder woman and offered her my cell phone. I noticed she was using a walker so I offered to dial the number and make the call for her. I called the ride service she was using but was immediately put on hold, so I turned to her and asked if she lived in the area. She told me she did. I then asked if she would like me to drive her home. She graciously accepted. I helped her to my car and into the front seat and folded up the walker (only after she showed me how) and proceeded to drive her home, which was only a few miles from me. In the car ride, we introduced ourselves and then discussed food mainly. She told me about the dinner services at the apartment building she resides in (which helps senior citizens while they continue to live on their own) and I told her about my latest film. I found myself really enjoying her company and by the time I dropped her off, I thought to myself that I would like to see her again. She told me I could stop by any time I wanted. I wrote down her name in a little journal I carry with me, so as not to forget.

About a month or so later, it was the holiday season and my mother makes Italian cookies every year at that time. I thought, why not bring some to my new friend. So along with my little sister, I went to see this elder woman and she warmly welcomed us into her home. We had a lovely visit and I noticed she was filled with stories of the past, rich in history and emotion. Our visit was not long, but long enough for me to know that I would return for more visits, as long as she allowed.

About two months later, I stopped to visit her again. This time we sat for an hour and a half talking, about our lives and such. She let me ask questions and she asked me some. She showed me pictures of her family, and told me how close they were, something we have in common as I am very close to mine. She made me laugh, I made her laugh. She told me what it was like to be in her mid-nineties and I told her about my new nephew and how next time I visit I’ll bring pictures. Overall, it was a nice afternoon. We exchanged phone numbers and made plans for our next visit.

We may have a vast difference in age and we may be worlds apart in our ways of living, but what I found we have in common is our humanity. There are no rules to friendship and the fact that two people can bond and get to know one another is a beautiful part of living.

I’ve learned one can find friendship at any moment, in places one least expects. Keep your eyes and hearts open for it…


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