Best of 2009

As yet another year winds down, I thought I’d compile a list of what I’ve found to stand out in 2009. The problem with memory though is that it often forgets, so I may have left out some things that should be on it…

Best of 2009…according to Christina Parisi

– Ricky Gervais getting more attention

– The film “Away We Go” by Sam Mendes

– Francis Ford Coppola and his film “Tetro” – although the film is not perfect, the fact that Francis makes films outside the studio system and dares to offer an original vision is admirable and rare.

– Nick Hornby’s book tour

– Kings of Convenience long awaited album, “Declaration of Dependence”

– Roman Polanski finally getting arrested

– “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” – an imaginative film directed by Terry Gilliam, and Heath Ledger’s final film, which demonstrates how truly talented this man was.

– Gay-Marriage making strides

– Radio station Indie 103.1 going online after being taken off the air

Please feel free to put your own additions in the comments section!

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