A reminder from Voltaire

As I study Voltaire, I am learning he was a man who spoke the truth regardless of whether it was acceptable. And he lived with the consequences, which had consisted of several stays at the Bastille and exile from countries he loved. I am moved by his need to think, to question, to be himself, and to use intelligence with humor and wit to make his philosophical points. He was not perfect, but then, who among us is? But some men dare to be great. He once said, “All good people are good except those who are idle.” (I’ve been reading “The Story of Philosophy” by Will Durant, which I HIGHLY recommend.)

In Voltaire’s “Story of a Good Brahmin”, he explores happiness resulting from ignorance and knowledge, and with such simplicity, he nails exactly what I’ve always felt inside.

Ahhhhhh. The joy of finding someone who has created art you can relate to. It doesn’t matter who it is, or whether it’s a blockbuster film or a local arthouse flick premiering at a film festival no one’s heard of. When art moves you, fills your soul with proof that the world is not so bad and you are not alone, then that is art worthwhile. At least in my opinion.



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