Quitting Diet Coke Take 2

Five years ago, I quit drinking my absolute favorite drink in the world.

Diet Coke.

Now, before I get bombarded with stories about how bad it is for my body, allow me to state I KNOW THIS.

I won’t lie. I adore the taste. The kick it gives me. The bubbly satisfaction.

But I am no longer twenty one and able to turn a deaf ear to the truth. I heed it now.

Somehow though, I fell back into my addiction before even realizing it. One sip lead to one can, which led to “why not have another” to drinking three bottles a day.

I have no middle ground with this drink. I am addicted and after allowing myself to drink some a few months ago, I fell off the wagon and found myself back on the sauce within a couple weeks.

It could be worse. It could be tequila.

But when I found myself craving the third one of the day, I knew I had to stop and stop quickly.

So, after just having my last diet coke, I want to officially declare I am back on the wagon.

PLEASE hold me to this.

And come along for the ride with me. I’ll be detailing my struggle of quitting over the next couple weeks. Can’t say I’ll write everyday, or maybe I will, but I have a feeling it’s not gonna be easy (if it’s anything like last time)…


The Living

I’ve been struggling lately with something. I don’t think I’m looking for it. I know I hate it. And yet, it seems to be everywhere and all I want to do is call it out for what it is.


Pardon my language but “nonsense” is just not strong enough a word. I’m talking about the real deal. The meaningless crap that sucks one’s life away. The people who talk the talk but walk a very different walk. The actions of most Republicans and Democrats in office.

It’s all been driving me a bit mad, lately. As though my bullshit meter got turned to high alert… so how to stop it from making me absolutely miserable?

Recently, my sister recommended the show “The Walking Dead” to me. At first I said, “nah, I’m not into zombie stuff,” but then she proceeded to tell me about how the story wasn’t all about that but actually more about the living, the humans who survived. Now, that intrigued me. So I watched the first episode and haven’t been able to stop. It poses and explores all kinds of deep questions about survival and humanity. It’s complete mind candy.

And lo and behold, I think it’s helped with my struggle about dealing with bullshit.

As I watched this story unfold about survival, I realized that life IS a struggle, zombies or no zombies, and it’s ALL about how we deal with that struggle.

I will never be able to stop all the bullshit out there but I can learn to live in a world in which it exists because the bottom line is, it does. Life is imperfect. It’s a struggle. There are evil forces out there. I can let that fact make me miserable or I can choose otherwise. It’s up to me to decide what to focus on. Like the characters on the show demonstrate, living isn’t simple and it isn’t black and white. It’s gray and all sorts of messy. But what it ultimately comes down to, at its very core, is how we treat ourselves and others.