Countdown till Christmas – 9 days to go!

After remembering I had recently learned that space shuttles and space stations are powered by solar energy, I decided it was time to learn more about this, not only for myself but for future generations so a planet can be left for them to be a part of and enjoy. I see my nephews loving nature right now and I only hope it will be preserved for their children and so on.

Many people, including myself, can get very confused about the global energy situation. Each story tells something different and it’s difficult to find straight answers to one’s questions. It’s even more difficult to decipher whom to trust.

So today I went on a mission to learn about energy sources in an effort to offer my readers some quality material to research and peruse, as well as some food for thought.

I wondered how a space shuttle could be powered by the sun and yet our homes are not? Why are we so stressed about coal and oil for energy when we have nature’s magnificent energy source right around us?

I am of the philosophy that most answers lie in nature. That is my religion and basis of my spirituality. How I didn’t think about this before, I’m not sure, but I’m thinking about it now…

I learned Elon Musk’s company Solar City is one of the largest solar energy providers out there and it’s exciting to see the work he is doing.

I posted something on my Facebook page today in hopes of getting a quality discussion about this going and that’s fortunately what happened. (You know how these things can quickly go sour!) The vibe I got was that there is already a large infrastructure in place in the US so going solar would take a new way of thinking and a large upfront cost. With crony capitalism, this would very likely become corrupt and manipulated. A truly free market would be ideal to let this grow but is that a real possibility?  And perhaps that is the reason it hasn’t grown nearly as fast as it could have?

Well, at least Musk appears to be doing something – trying to use the marketplace to sell his products while also making use of the greatest source of energy, which is right around each and every one of us. Capitalism with a conscious, if you will.

If you have any knowledge on this subject matter, please comment below!

And thanks for reading! Tomorrow will be a little more lighthearted, I promise :)