I lean Libertarian and voted for Bernie – here’s why

I have to start by explaining that I despise labels. I believe deeply that they’re limiting, regressive and make way for group-think rather than individual thought. With that in mind, I am not registered for any political party – as pure non-partisan as they come –  as I vote for the person, not the party.

This is the premise I begin with when voting.  And to give some perspective, I identify mostly with the Libertarian party more than any other party. A lot of my political activity does involve this party, more than any other, as I firmly believe in minimal government.

So then, how does someone like myself end up voting for Bernie Sanders, a man believed to be a Socialist?

It’s a puzzling question I’ve received from those who know me, and it’s an important one, so I thought I’d address it on my blog.

The reason is actually more simple than most think, but first a little story…

I worked on Ron Paul’s campaign in 2012. Even went to Nevada, where his party put me and a bunch of others up in a hotel to canvas streets, work the call bank and more. It was there that I got a real glimpse into political parties and the machinations of the voting process. It was also during this time that I began to learn about what both parties were involved in and while in principal, they may stand for seemingly different things, in practice, they weren’t all that different.

I wasn’t a Republican but Ron Paul was, so that was the party I was helping. Here was a man, with a strong political career, who spoke out about the truth of government and fought hard for individual liberties.

The worm hole was opened for me. I delved deep into voter suppression and fraud, false media narratives, corporate welfare and so much more. I learned that both parties spent taxpayer money – either at home or abroad – against taxpayer wishes. I learned both parties believed strongly in corporate welfare, never allowing capitalism to have a chance, and when the big banks were not allowed to suffer the consequences they created with the help of the gov’t, who stepped in to help them? The gov’t! With taxpayer money!

That was it. I was done. With both sides.

I learned in order to make real change, the big beast that is our government was going to have to change. It all became so obvious that the parties are made to pull the strings on the voters, both sides, and they make rules to benefit themselves and those who have money to hire lobbyists. They are not about the people, no matter how much they claim to be.


I began to vote for individuals who represented the people, regardless if I agreed with their stances or not, because my top priority became to end the relationship between government and big business. In my opinion, it is what killed the middle class and made the elite class that now runs our country.

Enough is enough.

At first, I too thought Bernie Sanders was a socialist dying to take from the earners to give to those who chose not to earn for themselves. But as I learned more, I realized that yes, he wants sweeping changes that expanded gov’t, but how was that any different from the Republican or Democrat presidents before him who did the exact same, just without transparency and under guises of capitalism though was anything but?

I realized Bernie is transparent and a true representative of the people by being so. It’s clear from his actions – his political fight against Big Business/backhand corporate welfare deals and his anti-war stance – that he will use his position to help the people he represents. And stop sending us into war.

As sad as it is, it’s become as simple as that for me.

I want transparency. I want a president working for the people, not the corporations who sponsor him/her.

And with the pickings so slim, my only chance of achieving this for America is with Bernie Sanders.

Who would have thought?





Left Versus Right, Right Versus Left

[In the case it isn’t evident, allow me to preface this post with the warning that this is my political opinion, based on research and experience.]

It’s difficult to watch any mainstream news outlet these days and even more difficult to scroll through my Facebook feed because of the abundance of material in which Liberals from the left yell about the right and Conservatives from the right yell about the left. It’s down right nauseating and what’s the worst, is the fact both sides think they’re completely right and the other side is the devil.

Granted, Trump continually gives people many, many reasons to talk mad trash, but when I whittled it all down, I was amazed at how much opinion and sarcasm could be found while substance was insanely lacking. Yes, his administration changes quicker than ice cream flavors at Baskin Robbins and corruption can be found all over (you’d be hard pressed to find any administration free of corruption,) but what really scares me is the fact he gives people reasons to continually use him to take out their own life frustrations. In fact, it seems he enjoys saying things just to make people show their misdirected anger. This is not to say he doesn’t genuinely do things that could anger someone – he absolutely does – but when emotion about one’s own life is not great, Trump provides a spring board and excuse to keep that negativity going and that is greatly troubling to me as it is mostly emotion based rather than logic based.

Now, I should mention I am non-partisan, belonging to no party, but if I had to say the one I relate to most, it would be Libertarian, though I have many problems with them as well. I hesitate to say this because when I say who I am closest too in ideology, people who disagree with my political beliefs will target that group as if they represent or speak for me and that’s a sure sign the conversation is about parties, not actions, and quite frankly, I’m just not interested. (I do mention it here so my readers have a better understanding of where I lean but that is the only reason why.)

Personally, I think while the left and right are trying to one up each other to make the most sarcastic comment, the American public will continue to head in other directions. Coastal states will start to realize they don’t hold all the cards and if one researchs both parties, as many are starting to do, sadly one will find insane corruption all over the place so neither of the main two parties should ever be claiming any moral/economic/social superiority…

But they do. And are.

And that’s what led us to Trump and I fear is going to lead us to another term with him at the helm. Though he was once believed to be a possibility of draining the swamp (i.e. getting rid of the muck of both parties,) time and time again he proves he is not the one to do the job. But that doesn’t mean the voting American public will not continue to send politicians a message. Disruptors prevail because right now, America is hurting and things need to change without the involvement of the two parties who brought on all the destruction and continue to do so.

The swamp is getting fuller, but it could actually be a good thing, because when the draining of it really does come, they’ll all be in one spot. And Trump adds to it every day.

As I watch independents grow and third parties become more and more represented on ballots (I’ve never voted for so many third parties on the local/state level than in our last election here in CA,) I believe things on the federal level will start to change quicker than ever and those on both Left/Right will start to take notice they’re digging their own graves…

But not before the able bodied third-parties waiting in the wings go for it. Yes, reporting is scarce, but I have seen the rise of these parties in the past few years in person so allow me to share that.

The above photo is from Ron Paul speaking at a Republican event. The Right did to him what the left did to Bernie Sanders – they used corruption, silencing and destruction to keep his voice quiet since he was by far not the party favorite. I personally witnessed some massive corruption. Direct message me with any questions you have on this…


it’s going to be interesting…. hang on America!

A political post

As I sat down to compose my latest blog post, I ran through my list of ideas. Soooo many things going on right now. From my two-year wedding anniversary today 9/26 to the natural disasters that have caused far too much destruction in their wake, my mind is reeling.

But then, it got stuck on something that I believe has not only been increasing in quantity and intensity, but is the root of many problems America is facing…

Extreme partisanship.

Now, I should state I belong to no party. (Full disclaimer, I have been registered for a few so that I could vote in primaries.) But I act according to my principals, whichever party they fall in, and accept the consequences of doing so. I do, however, notice my views tend to fall more in favor with third parties but I don’t label myself because I’ll ultimately disagree with something in every group and I have yet to find a party that welcomes that, so I remain nonpartisan.

America, however, doesn’t seem to agree… Is it just me or is partisanship at an all-time high?

I know our current President does not exactly bring out the best in people but he was voted in and is something we must deal with. And it’s gotten many people to keep a watchful eye on what the executive branch is doing so cheers to that, right?

But damn, the partisanship.

Speaking to bases rather than citizens, the two-party dynasty hold, the lack of respect and platform for third party voices, crony capitalism deals, journalist biases so obvious my 6 year-old nephew could pick up on them, intolerance for anyone who disagrees with you, emotion-based laws lacking in practical logic….

America is broken and is reaching a boiling point.

So, what will come of it?

I don’t know. I’m not a prophet. But I do know a boiling pot blows off a lot of steam.

My philosophy studies led me to search for the truth and strive with every fiber of my being to see reality as it is and not as I want or wish it to be because I can’t make change for the better within myself and the world around me unless I see what I’m actually dealing with. Today, I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on our political landscape in an effort to open a dialogue and create awareness with hope to inspire others to think for themselves rather than just toeing a party line….

The two-party system is dying as a new generation begins to take over political power. It’s happening slowly, though Trump has accelerated it a tad by being so extreme. But politicians are so beholden to party politics that Americans are nowhere near their top focus and the younger generations are beginning to say enough is enough. It’s time for the people to take the power back. What they want to do with that power remains to be seen…

Consequences will dictate a lot of what the near future holds. Once people see their desires in action, things start to get real, and fast. Look at San Francisco. They’re incredibly hospitable to the homeless but every time I visit (which is multiple times a year,) I see the city being more and more overrun by the very cause they’re trying to eradicate so how is that helping? Or take the NFL. Will player protests of the national anthem hurt their popularity and therefore their bottom line or will it make them even more successful? What will the fans choose to do?

The fact that mainstream media had no idea Trump was going to be president when it seemed really obvious led me to believe they are biased and a waste of my time. Silver lining – information is in abundance thanks to the Internet so the truth is out there. Citizens are becoming the journalists we need. Just be prepared to spend some time sifting through the muck…

Tolerance is key. The world is not perfect. Neither am I and neither are you. There will always be differing opinions. But I believe the fight starts when anyone tries to force something or someone upon another that is not welcomed. But before I pick a fight, I make sure I know what I’m fighting for and its worth to me… I have found that change often comes with pain. Lots of pain.

Nature could care less about emotions so it’s best to be reasonable. The great arbiter of life is nature and it has a way of always reminding humans who is boss. I find it best to listen to my emotions but apply them to logic and reason before doing any acting. That way, whatever Nature throws at me or gives me, I’m ready for it.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this as well! But I do ask for respect. And I should mention I typically don’t understand the meaning of snarky or snide comments so if you choose to give one, be prepared that I will ask you to explain yourself.






A political growth chart

With the upcoming 2016 election here in America, politics is in the air… for better or worse.

And I’ve begun to notice that this time around, many more of my friends and acquaintances are taking an active interest in the political landscape. More than ever before it seems and this got me thinking about how one goes through a journey as they submerge themselves into politics…

As for my own personal journey into politics, I credit my mother with its origin of moving me from passive bystander to informed doer. About eight or nine years ago, I noticed she had become much more interested in politics and the actions of our government and the discussions we had led me to wanting to know more. They also made it glaringly obvious to me that I had not taken much interest in something that I was finding to be of utmost importance – political affairs, especially those of the government who work for me.

My journey has taken me on many roads as I try to navigate the path I want to take. To date, Ron Paul has been the only politician in office that I have fully believed in. I hope more will be added to the list in the future…

Overall, I believe my political journey has made me a better person. Not only by becoming more informed, but by becoming politically active as well. After all, how can you make change if you don’t do something about the change you want to make?

It wasn’t a smooth road though. Passion runs high when one first embarks on the road of politics. And after learning about what is really going on, emotions will become intense. Not to mention with the advent of the Internet, which is quite new in the grand scheme of things, a wealth of information has never been so readily available. It all can come at you pretty hard. And typically, outrage will come. And you’ll want to voice it.

As I see my Facebook newsfeed light up with political news rather than mindless pop-candy, I am thrilled. It takes The People to make true change, not those in power, as both main parties continuously prove over and over again. But I also see a lot of blood boiling and anger running high, which led me to think about different stages of political growth…


Infancy: Every sense is on overload and high alert. You struggle as you attempt to learn the basics.

Toddler: You tell everyone your opinion, which you think is the only one that should exist.

Child: You start to have some legs to walk on but you argue way more than you reason.

Teenager: You begin to appreciate differences in thought and opinion but still, you like things your way.

Young Adult: You accept that others think differently than you. Action replaces talking about what you are going to do or what others should do.

Adult: Your mantra becomes, “God [or who or what you believe in,] grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”


When the story about Edward Snowden first hit the news, I thought not much of it. A whistleblower. Cool. But let’s see where it goes. I said nothing.

I continued to research about the government of the land I live in, which I’ve been doing since I started getting involved in politics about five years ago. Each day I continue to grow more distrusting of BOTH parties. The only one in politics who has ever ignited a fire in me was Ron Paul and he’s never been given his due. BUT. He ignited the fire and that is the first step. He’s ignited it for many others too. He’ll go down in history for it, I hope (as long as history is written as is, not just from a few people’s perspective…,) and my generation and those before and after me will continue the torch he’s passed on. His son barely holds it, in my opinion, but…

Edward Snowden continues it.

I’m sure of it now after seeing the interview he gave to NBC news. He’s a man who believes in what he did for the people of the US. He tried and continues to try to harm no one. He wants us to know what is happening. He is my hero.

Is he yours?

Allow me to pass along an interesting story I think demonstrates true politics and the reason I no longer look at Democrats/Republicans the same.

I knew Ron Paul had mentioned something about Snowden. Was it positive? I think so, maybe, not too sure actually… I haven’t given Snowden full thought until he fully spoke. It was time and I’m glad he gave this interview. Ballsy. Think about it. Anyway, I listened. Then, I looked up what Ron Paul thought, AFTER I formed my own opinion.

It was the same.

That is truth. That is a political figure who DOES what he says and SAYS what he does. He is the real deal. It would match his principals to feel this way but would he stand by them?


I learned that on February 13, 2014, Ron Paul petitioned for clemency for Edward Snowden.

My political hero fighting for another one of my heroes.

This is truth. These men will do as they say.

When was the last time you saw this strong behavior in the politician you vote for?


walk the talk

I must admit. I did not become interested in politics and my country’s government until about three or so years ago, when I entered my thirties. I had voted in the major elections but other than that, I didn’t place it too high in my priorities.

Then, to the credit of my parents, I started becoming more interested in what was happening in America. I started to learn about the government, all sections, and the issues. I began to develop my own political philosophy by learning as much as I could. I read books, studied history, looked up the actions of those in power. I quickly realized that most, if not all, of television news and journalism had become heavily biased, so I dismissed them as a valid source soon into my journey, which yes, did make it much harder to find the truth, but the search was interesting and took me places I perhaps otherwise would not have gone and explored.

And then, it was time for the election of 2008. I had not been very involved in the build-up, the primaries and such, as my political enlightenment had just been forming. I did know, however, that I was not thrilled with Obama or McCain. And then Obama won.

I did not vote for Obama. Yes, his beliefs are vastly different from my own, but it was more than that. He seemed empty. A solid orator but an inexperienced individual who was all talk. I know he had great support and the people voted him in office, so I accepted him as my president, but I wasn’t happy about it.

But now, election 2012 is on the horizon and I made the decision to become dedicated to being part of this process of the government of my country. I researched all those who are presidential contenders and in my search, I found the one I was looking for.

Ron Paul.

His actions over the past fifty or more years have PROVEN he is honest, a man of true conviction, consistent, a believer in the Constitution, freedom and liberty and someone who could not be bought or manipulated by the big government/big business political machine. He walks the talk. And so, I decided, I must too. If I was going to have an informed opinion and a solid political philosophy, then I couldn’t just talk about it, or I’d be a contradiction of my own beliefs and no better than those who I condemn.

I dedicated myself to helping put Ron Paul in the white house. I hope he wins the GOP nomination and then the 2012 Presidential Election but even if he doesn’t, I will know that I tried my hardest to put him there and didn’t just talk about it.

This past weekend, I attended the Republican Liberty Caucus of California in Downtown, Los Angeles. I cheered Ron Paul on, voted in the straw poll, heard him give the keynote speech, and became an even greater supporter of his, if that was possible. Some in the media have tried to paint this convention as one in which Ron Paul “bussed” us in but that is not the case. I was at the convention yesterday, I voted in the straw poll, I was there with seven other friends, and I came by my own volition. Allow me to assure you that Ron Paul did not bring us “in busloads”. I was there because I support him and want him to be our next president. His supporters were people from all over, who are truly devoted to him. There were Perry supporters there but Paul supporters outnumbered them greatly. I did not see anyone else there supporting the other contenders. It was a great day and evidence of the support Ron Paul has. The energy was amazing.

I walked the talk. And it feels unbelievable.