Losing 25 pounds – post 12

Yes…. the holidays got the best of me. I stopped going to the gym, I binged on eating and drinking and I said yes to more desserts in one month than I did all year.  While I enjoyed every minute of it, my body was wondering WTF?!

Sadly, my goal of losing 20 pounds did not come to fruition. YET. In fact, it increased. I had lost some weight but then put it all back on and then some in that gluttonous month we call December.

Yup, that’s my life at 41.

But I’m not gonna cry about it. I’m already back to the gym (four days this week!) and though I didn’t go 100% dry, I’ve cut my wine intake by like 85%. FOR REALS. It hasn’t been easy but my body has enjoyed every minute of it.

And yes, to the big fat question in the room – I have reset because I took a step back rather than forward.

But with this fresh new year beginning, what better reason than to start over and get down to business, with a refreshed mindset and a fiercer determination?

I mean, this is life, no? Making choices and learning from them while dealing with the consequences?

Instead of thinking I failed, I decided to look at this like I made some poor decisions but I acknowledge it and I’m paying the price.

Live. Learn. Evolve.

147 and counting down… stay tuned!


Ways to know the Christmas Holiday Season is officially over

It’s another new year! Whoo Hooo!! And it’s put me in the mood for another top eleven list (and again, for any new readers, eleven is my favorite number so my lists tend to be for that amount…) I have been noticing some signs that the Christmas Holiday Season is over and it got me thinking…

Eleven Ways to Know the Christmas Holiday Season is Officially Over

1. Most streets look like death row for trees.

2. You notice your romantic relationship either deepened or grew a bit apart. (And for those flying solo, you either embraced your singleness or cried about it.)

3. The phrase “You better be good or Santa will know!” no longer has the effect you’re going for when saying to young children.

4. You realize how much paper is actually wasted during the holiday season while you desperately attempt to stuff your recyclables into the tiny blue container.

5. Everyone suddenly has to go to the gym/do yoga/run a marathon.

6. Most of the gifts you bought are now selling for 75% off.

7. You now have the absolute right to ask for any Christmas music to be turned off.

8. You wonder what exactly you spent all your money on.

9. The stores are lining their shelves with Valentine’s Day gifts.

10. The guilt of what you put inside yourself is almost too much to bear.

11. Taxes replace good cheer.