Ways to know you’ve reached the comfort zone in your relationship

Maybe it happens after the second month of dating. Maybe it takes you both a year. Whatever the length, there will come a time in your relationship when you both will either separate or reach a point of comfortableness. (And yes, the later is a good thing! I realize that now, after thirty-something years…)


1. you no longer have underwear the other hasn’t seen.

2. things that were once cute are now NOT CUTE AT ALL.

3. you’ve seen each other pee.

4. they’ve seen you at your worst, and stayed around past morning…

5. you both weigh ten pounds more than when you first met.

6. they’ve seen it all – nose spray, hair remover and control-top pantyhose.

7. you’ll have at one point or another asked your mate if they were okay because of how long they’ve been in the bathroom…

8. you two speak your own language, that only the both of you fully understand;

9. you understand each other without speaking.

10. you’ll have at one time or another disappointed the other because, yes, you did in fact watch the next episode of the show you both love.

11. the mystery has been replaced by a sense of home, and it feels unlike anything you’ve ever experienced in the best way imaginable….

Eleven things I would say now to my sixteen year-old self

Wow. I got a pit in my stomach as I wrote that.

High school wasn’t my favorite time in life. It was one of my least favorite actually. Maybe that’s why I thought it would be a cool idea to think of eleven (my favorite number) things I would say to my insecure, lost in dreams, sixteen year old self now, if I were somehow able too, (I guess I’m still a little lost in dreams…)


Advice it is wise to heed. Who better to give it to you?

1. Go to the dentist every six months. Just do it. Trust me. And floss.

2. High school is but a tiny blip on your journey. It may not feel as such but know that IT IS.

3. With freedom comes responsibility. Use it wisely. DO NOT get a credit card until you’re at least thirty.

4. Pinch yourself HARD every time you let a guy treat you anything but wonderful. Your arms will get red so hopefully you will learn not to tolerate this sooner than later.

5. And vice versus. Treat guys and others the same way you want to be treated. Period.

6. Don’t lie.

7. Enjoy the ability to BURN FAT like it’s nobody’s business. This will not always be the case.

8. Write in big letters “THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND ME” on something you will look at everyday.

9. Be kind. You may feel like the world is cruel and against you but you seriously have no idea how good you have it.

10. Don’t give up so easily.

11. Know you’ll always get the parking ticket so DON’T CHANCE IT EVER.

I’ve never bought a vaccum cleaner.

In a little over three hours, the day will be August 14, 2012 and I will turn thirty-five years old.

Yesterday, I was at a friend’s house and she, myself and her house guest from the UK were hanging out before everyone sat down for dinner. We were just chatting and my friend mentioned her “Dyson”. I had no idea what she was talking about and therefore, said “your what?” Both she and her friend from the UK, who had obviously heard a lot about this, exclaimed “The Vacuum Cleaner!” I capitalize it because they both sounded like Dyson was THE ONLY vacuum cleaner. I quickly said, “Oh yeah, the one you showed me before.” As my friend got up to show me it again, I was struck with a thought and said it out loud:

“I’m turning thirty-five in two days and I’ve never bought a vacuum cleaner. Is that odd?

Everyone paused for a moment and then, the guy from the UK said, “No, that’s a good thing.”

I smiled.

For the past ten or so years, I’ve made a list on my birthday of the things I want to accomplish in the next year. I seal it and then don’t look at it until my next birthday. It’s fun. Seriously. Try it. Kinda fascinating to see what a year-ago-you was thinking about, and then how much it’s strayed or stayed the same…

Anyway, I typically list about five to seven things and then when I open it the following year, I’ll see I’ve accomplished about three to four of them. Decent numbers I think, considering how easy it is to plan and how much more difficult it is to actually follow through and do.

But this year, I thought I’d do something a bit different. Instead of making the list and sealing it for no one’s eyes to see but my own a year later, I decided to write it here, on my blog, and then a year later, I’ll read it and write what I’ve done or not. This added pressure of having to reveal to others what I have or have not done will be an interesting motivator for me. (And If you could care less, I completely understand but do suggest you not read the blog post I write a year from today.)

Now, on to the list…


– get a publisher for the children’s book myself and my friend are writing

– shoot my next short film (which is already written)

– finish this short and have it ready to be out to festivals starting Sept. 1

– continue to fight for individual freedom

– find the one