The other day, I was working my normal lunch shift, waiting tables in Silicon Beach, when something happened that happens about twice a year and reminds me of why I do what I do.

As I approached a table, I recognized one of the two women. She had been a regular of mine at a restaurant I worked at many years ago. She was startled that I remembered her but she remembered me as well.

We briefly caught up before she told me she was here celebrating her friend’s birthday. Knowing that, I went out of my way to add additional touches so their meal would be extra special. (See, it pays to be cool to your server…)

Throughout their lunch, we chatted a bit and it was lovely.

As their meal came to an end, the woman who I had recognized, said, “Tell me, Christina, what is it you really do? I know it’s not this.”

She said it with such certainty that she wasn’t worried in the slightest if that offended me. I told her she was right – I’m a filmmaker/writer. She asked about my work. I gave her my card and told her a couple of my shorts are available on Amazon. She told me she’d be looking for them.

Sometimes it’s difficult to pursue a career where only a very small percentage of the population succeed at it on a financial level. Not to mention how many people and dollars one needs to helm such a project.

But when someone like this guest takes an interest in me based on our conversation and genuinely wants to see my work because of it, I’m reminded that waiting tables is a means to an end and it’s that end I’m determined to reach…

(Picture above is me shooting a short documentary on my honeymoon #justmarried – shot on my iPhone! @parisiprods)


Marriage Lesson #108

I’ve learned a lesson recently in marriage. After living alone for seven years and not really dating for five of those years while I made films back to back, I should have known this was bound to happen and stop it but… well, I did it anyway.

But allow me to start at the beginning…

About a week ago, my husband and I realized the blinds in our new apartment were malfunctioning, including the patio door vertical blinds. I went back and forth a bit with our landlord and soon realized my husband was not very happy about it.

At first, I wondered what his problem was and why he wasn’t on my side. After all, I was trying to make our apartment as great as can be! But after a terse interchange, I began to see the reason why he was angry…

I shot off those emails, signed by both of us, without even consulting him. And my approach is direct and to the point while his is a bit more…. what’s the word…forgiving? Yeah. Forgiving.

He let me know that we are a team and I should consult him when doing things in our name together.

And you know, he was absolutely right. And I did apologize after I recognized that. And have since changed my behavior.

I was so quick to revert to old habits of doing what I wanted, when I wanted. But marriage is a team. And when something involves the both of us, than we both should handle it. As a team. And if we disagree, we talk about it and form a compromise.

Yet another lesson in marriage.


And stay tuned for my upcoming short documentary, shot on my honeymoon where I turned the camera on myself and new husband :) More information can be found here!