I lean Libertarian and voted for Bernie – here’s why

I have to start by explaining that I despise labels. I believe deeply that they’re limiting, regressive and make way for group-think rather than individual thought. With that in mind, I am not registered for any political party – as pure non-partisan as they come –  as I vote for the person, not the party.

This is the premise I begin with when voting.  And to give some perspective, I identify mostly with the Libertarian party more than any other party. A lot of my political activity does involve this party, more than any other, as I firmly believe in minimal government.

So then, how does someone like myself end up voting for Bernie Sanders, a man believed to be a Socialist?

It’s a puzzling question I’ve received from those who know me, and it’s an important one, so I thought I’d address it on my blog.

The reason is actually more simple than most think, but first a little story…

I worked on Ron Paul’s campaign in 2012. Even went to Nevada, where his party put me and a bunch of others up in a hotel to canvas streets, work the call bank and more. It was there that I got a real glimpse into political parties and the machinations of the voting process. It was also during this time that I began to learn about what both parties were involved in and while in principal, they may stand for seemingly different things, in practice, they weren’t all that different.

I wasn’t a Republican but Ron Paul was, so that was the party I was helping. Here was a man, with a strong political career, who spoke out about the truth of government and fought hard for individual liberties.

The worm hole was opened for me. I delved deep into voter suppression and fraud, false media narratives, corporate welfare and so much more. I learned that both parties spent taxpayer money – either at home or abroad – against taxpayer wishes. I learned both parties believed strongly in corporate welfare, never allowing capitalism to have a chance, and when the big banks were not allowed to suffer the consequences they created with the help of the gov’t, who stepped in to help them? The gov’t! With taxpayer money!

That was it. I was done. With both sides.

I learned in order to make real change, the big beast that is our government was going to have to change. It all became so obvious that the parties are made to pull the strings on the voters, both sides, and they make rules to benefit themselves and those who have money to hire lobbyists. They are not about the people, no matter how much they claim to be.


I began to vote for individuals who represented the people, regardless if I agreed with their stances or not, because my top priority became to end the relationship between government and big business. In my opinion, it is what killed the middle class and made the elite class that now runs our country.

Enough is enough.

At first, I too thought Bernie Sanders was a socialist dying to take from the earners to give to those who chose not to earn for themselves. But as I learned more, I realized that yes, he wants sweeping changes that expanded gov’t, but how was that any different from the Republican or Democrat presidents before him who did the exact same, just without transparency and under guises of capitalism though was anything but?

I realized Bernie is transparent and a true representative of the people by being so. It’s clear from his actions – his political fight against Big Business/backhand corporate welfare deals and his anti-war stance – that he will use his position to help the people he represents. And stop sending us into war.

As sad as it is, it’s become as simple as that for me.

I want transparency. I want a president working for the people, not the corporations who sponsor him/her.

And with the pickings so slim, my only chance of achieving this for America is with Bernie Sanders.

Who would have thought?





Left Versus Right, Right Versus Left

[In the case it isn’t evident, allow me to preface this post with the warning that this is my political opinion, based on research and experience.]

It’s difficult to watch any mainstream news outlet these days and even more difficult to scroll through my Facebook feed because of the abundance of material in which Liberals from the left yell about the right and Conservatives from the right yell about the left. It’s down right nauseating and what’s the worst, is the fact both sides think they’re completely right and the other side is the devil.

Granted, Trump continually gives people many, many reasons to talk mad trash, but when I whittled it all down, I was amazed at how much opinion and sarcasm could be found while substance was insanely lacking. Yes, his administration changes quicker than ice cream flavors at Baskin Robbins and corruption can be found all over (you’d be hard pressed to find any administration free of corruption,) but what really scares me is the fact he gives people reasons to continually use him to take out their own life frustrations. In fact, it seems he enjoys saying things just to make people show their misdirected anger. This is not to say he doesn’t genuinely do things that could anger someone – he absolutely does – but when emotion about one’s own life is not great, Trump provides a spring board and excuse to keep that negativity going and that is greatly troubling to me as it is mostly emotion based rather than logic based.

Now, I should mention I am non-partisan, belonging to no party, but if I had to say the one I relate to most, it would be Libertarian, though I have many problems with them as well. I hesitate to say this because when I say who I am closest too in ideology, people who disagree with my political beliefs will target that group as if they represent or speak for me and that’s a sure sign the conversation is about parties, not actions, and quite frankly, I’m just not interested. (I do mention it here so my readers have a better understanding of where I lean but that is the only reason why.)

Personally, I think while the left and right are trying to one up each other to make the most sarcastic comment, the American public will continue to head in other directions. Coastal states will start to realize they don’t hold all the cards and if one researchs both parties, as many are starting to do, sadly one will find insane corruption all over the place so neither of the main two parties should ever be claiming any moral/economic/social superiority…

But they do. And are.

And that’s what led us to Trump and I fear is going to lead us to another term with him at the helm. Though he was once believed to be a possibility of draining the swamp (i.e. getting rid of the muck of both parties,) time and time again he proves he is not the one to do the job. But that doesn’t mean the voting American public will not continue to send politicians a message. Disruptors prevail because right now, America is hurting and things need to change without the involvement of the¬†two parties who brought on all the destruction and continue to do so.

The swamp is getting fuller, but it could actually be a good thing, because when the draining of it really does come, they’ll all be in one spot. And Trump adds to it every day.

As I watch independents grow and third parties become more and more represented on ballots (I’ve never voted for so many third parties on the local/state level than in our last election here in CA,) I believe things on the federal level will start to change quicker than ever and those on both Left/Right will start to take notice they’re digging their own graves…

But not before the able bodied third-parties waiting in the wings go for it. Yes, reporting is scarce, but I have seen the rise of these parties in the past few years in person so allow me to share that.

The above photo is from Ron Paul speaking at a Republican event. The Right did to him what the left did to Bernie Sanders – they used corruption, silencing and destruction to keep his voice quiet since he was by far not the party favorite. I personally witnessed some massive corruption. Direct message me with any questions you have on this…


it’s going to be interesting…. hang on America!