Quitting Alcohol For A Month – Day 16

I really want a glass of wine, but I’m not gonna do it.

That’s been something I’ve been dealing with lately and this whole going dry thing has really put my self-discipline to the test.

There are so many lovely moments to have a glass of vino, from enjoying it with hearty pasta dishes to sipping a glass by the roar of the Pacific Ocean, from relaxing with a drink after a long day to toasting alongside others after a hard week comes to a close.

But what I’ve realized is that those things don’t NEED wine. Wine just compliments them.

So, I’m resetting my brain essentially to see alcohol for what it is – a most delicious treat that needs to be handled delicately.

Even if one isn’t addicted, it’s very easy to abuse drinking. And the pandemic had made it far too easy for me to indulge…

So, this is where I’m at.

Day 16 dry and feeling pretty damn good… despite the urges.

Thanks for coming along with me!


Make Healthy A Habit – Day Eight

There was a wine tasting at the restaurant I work at today. Typically, I love these because I get to taste and learn about really cool wines. But seeing as I haven’t had a sip of alcohol in a week, it caused me to pause.

For my purposes, I’m not quitting drinking altogether but rather limiting my intake. Wine had become an unhealthy habit when it should have been a treat.

I allowed myself to taste the wine today though. And boy am I glad that I did. (It was a delicious and interesting zinfandel!) But I will not allow myself to use that as a reason to come home and drink two more glasses of wine to relax.

I’m not saying that a drink isn’t a nice way to unwind. It is! But in moderation. Every now and then.

A rarity rather than the norm.

“Throw moderation to the winds, and the greatest pleasures bring the greatest pains.”
– Democritus

Make healthy a habit. #makehealthyahabit


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