11 Reasons Age Does Not Matter

Yes, I know. There are reasons age matters, like the fact we are mortal and our bodies wear down. And children. They have different rules. But among adults, it doesn’t really matter much…

Who among us hasn’t met a twenty-year-old who was way more mature than say, a fifty-year old? And doesn’t wisdom come from experience, not simply age? A thirty-year-old could be wise in their years while a seventy-year-old could be mean and well… not wise.

So, yes, there are exceptions when age does matter.

But here, I want to talk about 11 reasons it doesn’t. As I near my thirty-ninth birthday, I’ve found myself thinking about age. Honestly, I had thought I’d be farther in my filmmaking career by now. But when I started to get down about it, I quickly slapped myself and realized, who cares, age doesn’t matter! I can make films now and I can make them in twenty years. I can write now and I can write in thirty years. (Of course, all this dependent on the Universe keeping me around ;)

And in that vein, here’s eleven more…

11 Reasons Age Does Not Matter

1. Life is bountiful.

2. Friends see no age limits.

3. Eyes can open at anytime.

4. Love is always discoverable.

5. Food comes in all sizes, textures, shapes and flavors. Bash limitations by adding inventive new foods to your diet.

6. You’re only as old as you feel. As Satchel Paige asked, “How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?”

7. Age does not equal wisdom. It equals how many times the sun has moved around Earth since you’ve been on it.

8. You can take a risk however old you are.

9. Laughter is ageless.

10. The only time “It’s too late” is when you are no longer breathing.

11. Every day is a gift. Fight the darkness with light. Spread love and honesty. BE YOU.


Ways to know society no longer thinks of you as “young”…

…even though you, yourself, still does.

And while I think many would agree that “51 is the new 21”, I can’t help but notice society has been throwing a particular message in my face lately – that I’m no longer part of the “young crowd”.


To hell with society, I say!


Perhaps it’s because my thirty-fifth birthday is quickly approaching or maybe it’s just a coincidence, but I thought I’d share some of my observations of society’s little plan to make me care about what it thinks…So, here are few…


1. People your own age complain about being old.

2. When you date someone younger than you and your friends and/or family feel the need to ask if he or she might just be TOO young, even though they’re well over the age of twenty.

3. Your health insurance sends you a letter about an increase in premium BECAUSE you’re getting older.

4. Your 3-year old nephew asks you why you don’t have a boyfriend.

5. On your next birthday, you’ll be checking a whole new box in the age category on forms.

6. People gasp and say “You look so much younger!” when they find out how old you are.

7. Nick at Nite now airs the sitcoms from YOUR youth, not your parents.

8. A large portion of your friends don’t want you to call after ten at night anymore…

9. You find yourself saying to a CO-WORKER, “That was before your time.”