Some rules are made to be broken.

A couple of days ago, I walked into a restaurant with the boy who I’m dating. When the host seated us, my date asked if we could have a table where we could sit next to each other rather than across from each other.

I paused.

Hold the phone.

First, allow me to explain. I’m an ex-server. I’ve waited tables for more years than the average three-year old can count up to and therefore, I know the rules of serving. And one of them, which most servers would back me on in a heartbeat is this: sit where the host seats you and don’t ask for a table with more chairs than your party is going to sit in.

Dilemma though.

Truth is, I wanted to sit next to him. Plain and simple. So I glanced around and saw there were several open tables and so I justified it in my head. But this got me thinking about rules. Are some to be broken? Or do we break them only when it’s convenient to us?

Well, I decided this. Considering it was nice to sit near him, that I want to do it again and that I liked how he asked for a table in which we could do so, I figure some rules are meant to be broken.


I am now taking that one off my server rules list. Let couples sit near each other! I will never again roll my eyes at the thought, even if they take up my four top.


2 thoughts on “Some rules are made to be broken.

  1. Ha! I forgot about server pet peeves. Do you remember that couple at Houston’s? They were really nice but insisted on sitting in the 70s (a 6-top) next to each other? She had short blonde hair, he was black – head shaved but full beard – and they lived in Antelope Valley and would drive to LA just for Houston’s and then Sprinkles on Saturday? They were so nice that they even brought me Sprinkles one day b/c I said that I had heard about the place but had never been. And even being as nice as they were, and it was really sweet how in love they were, they BUGGED me because they wanted the 70s. Ha ha ha. But Houston’s can make a server pretty bitter, so I feel like I have a bit of an excuse for being ridiculous about it!


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