Okay, judge all you want, but I will admit I’ve never really exercised.

Well, that is until today. Sure, I’ve done situps in my bedroom and have walked to the beach and even took a yoga class, once, but exercise has never been something that’s interested me. At all.

That is, until now. As many may relate, when one gets older, exercise becomes more and more important, if for nothing else than to circulate the blood. But also, as I’ve noticed, one’s metabolism can start to slow down. Now, I’ll disclose that I have been fortunate to have had a hyper metabolism all my life but lately, I feel that it isn’t at its peak anymore and this has really bothered me. To each his own, right? But I’m also motivated by wanting to be healthier and keep my body in prime shape. So…

I turned to one of my closest friends, who not only knows practically everything there is to know about working out, but she’s beautiful, toned, fit and has a body a supermodel might kill for. And she’s been so good to me. I truly wonder what I’ve done to deserve such an amazing friend… In fact, I tried to cancel today and she wouldn’t let me off so easy… Thank God! She’s been so supportive in trying to help me, since I had told her about my concerns about all this, and I feel so lucky to have someone like her in my life… But on to the exercise part right now.

She worked me out today. Power walking, jogging, lunging, stretching, crunches, weights, cardio, you name it. I had to ask her what a crunch was because I had no idea. And she showed me how to apply this all to a daily routine and how to do it right. She taught me about eating well, how best to exercise, what to wear when doing so, and so on. She even explained what cardio meant to me, since honestly, I would fail a test if that was the essay question.

And you know what…

I feel great. It was tough though. By the end, I was practically begging her to stop but tonight, I feel good. And motivated.

Regardless of whether you want to lose weight, be more healthy, tone up or just plain feel better, exercise is really great. There is a reason doctors always recommend it and I’m finally starting to realize that…

My goal is three times a week. But this is quite a new thing for me. So check back next week when I write a blog about my first seven days of exercise…


4 thoughts on “exercise?

  1. Way to go Christina! It is a terrific and well-earned feeling when you consistently hit a productive training routine and diet. Seeing the results and keeping those endorphins flowing is such a huge confidence booster and literally an ability booster too IMO. It will only have a positive impact for yourself, your career and all the people around you!

    Keep it up! Just think Ron Paul does an hour of cardio every morning, regardless. And he’s a busy guy! Be well :)


  2. okay, first of all, anyone who knows christina knows she is the most willing person to learn, so she was an easy student, second of all, she has a great ability to exaggerate… like when saying certain people have super model bodies… third of all, you WILL be able to do 3 days a week, I know it!!!! and lastly, YOU are the amazing friend, I’m just a source of random knowledge and tons of time on my friend which I am more than happy to share with you :) Way to go!!!


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